Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa was today arraigned in Court over the shooting to death of an ODM supporter the uncle to the ODM candidate in the Ganda by-election Ruben Katana. 

The man was shot yesterday when a scuffle ensued between ODM supporters and Aishwa Jumwa’s supporters.

According to a timeline released by the Daily Nation,  Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa arrived at around pm in a three-vehicle convoy. She was initially denied access.

She then questions police officers who were on scene on why they had allowed the meeting to take place. The MP then storms into the meeting with the help of her bodyguards and supporters. They are repelled by angry ODM supporters.

Violence escalates after rowdy youths begin to throw stones and logs at the MP and her supporters.

Shots are fired and teargas canisters are lobed to disperse the rowdy youths. One person is shot dead, while several others are injured. The shooting is reported to have taken place at 5.30pm half an hour after her arrival and according to uncofirmed reports, her ex boyfriend who is with her was the shooter.

Having spent the night in custody, Aisha had to face the world today without any make up and everyone was surprsed how things on the ground are different.



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