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IEBC Now Demands 80 Million To Provide Copy Of The Register of Voters

The IEBC has demanded 80 million Kenya shillings from Soweto & Company Advocates, the lawyers representing the petitioners at the Supreme Court, before getting their hands on the Register of Voters.

Earlier today the Supreme Court ordered, among other things that the petitioners be granted copies of the Register of Voters and the Forms 34A/B used in the October 26th election.

But later this evening, IEBC lawyers wrote to Soweto advocates that they will have to confirm when the 80 million will be available before the IEBC can provide the register. This is considering the Supreme Court is to deliver judgement by Monday next week is nothing but a boycott.

In the August petition, the IEBC also declined to honor a Supreme Court order to grant access to the servers used for the August elections.

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