The ‘despots and tyrants’ are working tirelessly behind the background to keep Miguna Miguna’s Treason: The Case Against Tyrants and Renegades offline at all costs.

The reason you may not be finding it easy to buy Miguna Miguna’s Treason: The Case Against Tyrants and Renegades online is probably because some dark forces are working behind the scenes to ensure the book stays offline. 

After release, the government tried to ban the book, a move that flopped. Their next strategy was to frustrate the importation of the books into the country.

According to reports, the shipment was purposely stalled for a long time to make it unprofitable when you take into account warehousing charges.

The next option would be online store sellers, but one who was courageous enough to list the book is having trouble to keep their website online.

 Nuria Online Store, a start-up along Nairobi’s Moi Avenue took up the mantle to list the book but that was not before it started suffering outtages.



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