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Raila Odinga Puts The Breaks On Godec – Says No Progress Without Justice Following Cambridge Analytica Scandal

US Ambassador Robert Godec did not waste time in rushing to meet HE Raila Odinga following the recent scandal involving UK based data company that was involved in both Uhuru Kenyatta and Donald Trumps elections.

A former employee of Cambridge Analytica (CA), a data analysis company blew the lid over a scandal that is threatening to bring down social media giant, Facebook along side the presidencies of both Uhuru and Trump.

According to the employee, CA obtained profiles of at least 50 million users from Facebook and used military tech psychological warfare to basically just get the right votes in the right places for Trump to win the electoral college vote.

The margins were slim, 70,000 voters were all Trump needed, Clinton beat him by more than 3 million popular votes.

A few days later, on Monday night, UK’s Channel 4 news release footage of undercover officials of the data company basically confessing to the dirty tactics they use to win elections.

Aside from using prostitutes, corruption, they harvest social media data and bombard users with targeted messages, videos that were meant to appeal to the emotion not facts. According to their CEO, elections are not won on facts but emotions.

Out of the interview, they confessed to having stage managed Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaigns in both 2013 and 2017. They confessed to running 50,000 campaigns several times, trolling Raila Odinga on social media with graphic apocalyptic videos and photos meant to create a demon out of Odinga.

All of these are in fact criminal. The UK has sort a warrant to seize CA’s servers while MPs have demanded Facebook CEO to appear in person and explain himself.

In the US, Facebook has been sued, and both congress and senate want Zuckerberg to explain in person what happened.

At the forefront of this mess is Uhuru Kenyatta. The world has now started casting a closer look at Kenya’s elections and the reasons why NASA boycotted in the first place.

Unfortunately and probably pre-planned, Raila Odinga was somehow convinced to dialogue. With these scandals happening, the US is scared that should Raila demand investigations, all that mess will definitely topple over to the US.

Trump and Uhuru are the two most recent presidents, most publicly elected by virtue of trends on social media and both used the services of CA.

Curiously, CA started working on the Trump slogans way back in 2013. Within the time that they were working on the Uhuru campaign.

Robert Godec’s visit to persuade Raila Odinga to focus on dialogue seems to have pricked the people’s president.

In official photos on social media, and post, Raila Odinga does not seem pleased to meet Godec or whatever discussion they had. The handshake was also more like forced.

And very short

His post was more of an official statement that – yeah this happened. Interestingly were his choice of words.

The US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec paid me a courtesy call at my office today. We discussed the national reconciliation initiative and how there can be no progress without justice. The US has pledged to support us as a people as we proceed with the task of righting the wrongs that have ailed our nation for too long.

Brief and precise.

There is not, i was pleased to , or it was a pleasure, or we welcome.

Raila Odinga simply said, yeah, that happened, but we must seek justice to proceed.

Godec seems to have left not a happy man.

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