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Revealed – The Dirty Tricks Used By Cambridge Analytica To Manipulate Kenya Elections For Uhuru Kenyatta

Data company Cambridge Analytica is in a huge storm right now coming from all corners after evidence of how they manipulated elections around the world have come to focus.

The company which proudly bragged of helping US President Donald Trump, had previously made it seem that it’s work was all about looking at targeted demographics and finding messages that would appeal to them in the Trump campaign.

But what has turned out to be, is far worse and for too criminal to comprehend that this company has so far under the guise of technology hijacked democracies in several countries.

Starting at Facebook, the company stole more than 50 million user profile accounts against the social media giant’s terms of service and would then serve them with targeted ads for as long as their algorithms decide is enough period to influence the person.

They created Facebook apps that would mine your personal details, some including even private messages and the apps would sort of go through your entire network of friends and mine the same information which is later used for ads targeting, a violation of privacy rules.

Using these algorithms, in Kenya, the company would then create fake sensationalized videos that would be in turn advertised to these user groups that are targeted.

Below are some screenshots of some of the posts and videos you might have come across during last years campaign period.

Aside from this, the company also confessed to literally stage managing the Uhuru Kenyatta campaign. Last year,  a memo from the company was leaked showing the tactics they were using to manage the day to day campaigns for Jubilee.

In the memo, they allege to have advised their client to find youthful supporters to engage NASA demos and make it seem that they were violent. Turns out the Mungiki youths who rebranded to Nairobi Business community were their idea.

They also did ‘Emotional manipulation of Jubilee supporters’ to appeal for a high voter turnout. To this end, the first family were used in campaigns, being seen visiting homes and addressing people.

The church was not left behind as they pushed more campaigns by Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto through the churches to give their campaign credibility.

Finally of course the fake videos and blogs that were meant to scare voters from Raila Odinga, creating an apocalyptic impression of war, diseases, famine and much worse disasters should Raila Odinga be elected president.

All these issues were raised at the Supreme Court during the presidential petition and the judges ruled that the evidence presented was not sufficient to substantiate them.

Of course the issues were against the electoral laws of Kenya and should have been enough to disqualify Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto from the October elections.

In a secretly filmed video, the executives of the company even allude that bribery and using prostitution are not strange to their modus operandi.

Such revelations bring to mind the number of deals signed and the billions involved between the August Elections and the infamous Handshake that seems to have dissipated all issues around the credibility of last years elections.

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