State House is now exerting pressure on Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to appoint a Deputy, a move he has continued to stall in a bid to hold back the EACC and KRA.

This month, the investigative agencies had built a solid case that would have warranted Sonko to be charged before the courts of law and take a plea.

It was during this period that he was finally summoned to record his version of events and was reminded that he is constitutionally bound to appoint a deputy to avert a crisis at City Hall.

Immediately after the interview, Sonko promised to appoint a deputy within 24 hrs and was unseen for more than a week. He was later spotted vacationing before going to New York for the UN summit.

According to reports, State House has directly begun exerting pressure on Sonko to appoint a deputy.

Sonko’s predicament is that appointing a deputy is in effect appointing the next Governor. Immediately his deputy is confirmed, the EACC and KRA will haul him to courts to answer to the cases before him.

Like Waititu, Sonko will immediately be barred from office. Considering the kind of toxic office he has run, it is clear to him that the moment he takes his plea in Court, he ceases to be governor and those left in office including his new deputy would only be too glad to sink him further.

For Sonko, if he can hold back on a deputy until 2022, he can hold back on power at least that long. But problem is Nairobi is up for grabs to whoever wants to be president in 2022.



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