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Uhuru asks Supreme Court to strike out Raila, NASA, IEBC Memos from Petition

Uhuru Kenyatta has made an application seeking to have Raila Odinga, the IEBC Memos from Chebukati to Chiloba and  the National Super Alliance (NASA) expunged from a petition pursuing the nullification of his win in the October 26 presidential election.

Through lead counsel Fred Ngatia, Uhuru told the Supreme Court Tuesday evening that NASA had instead of filing a substantive petition within timelines required in law used the opportunity as a respondent to sneak in arguments outside a petition filed by activists Njonjo Mue and Khelef Khalifa, an action Ngatia said the court must not condone.

According to Ngatia, submissions filed by NASA in response to the Mue-Khalifa petition had raised new issues altogether, instead of replying to the petition which among other things cites NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s withdrawal from last month’s poll as having negatively impacted the conduct of the election.

Ngatia said that by NASA withdrawing from the elections and citing the Supreme Court of India, Raila was not party to the elections and he should not be party to the presidential petition.

He further asked the court in a different petition to strike out the IEBC Memos that were written by Chebukati to Chiloba following the nullification of the August Presidential Election.

Seems Uhuru wants to fight out at the Supreme Court alone just like the October elections.


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