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Uhuru wants IEBC memos removed from Court records

Uhuru Kenyatta wants the now infamous memos from IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati to IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba removed from Court records in the Presidential Petition.

According to Uhuru, the memos cannot be proven to be authentic from the IEBC. The counter argument is that at the time of their release, neither Chebukati or Chiloba disclaimed their authenticity.

The first memo after the Supreme Court ruling was a demand by Chebukati that Chiloba explains the systematic failures during August elections that led to nullification of the results. In the second memo, Chebukati is frustrated at the failure of Chiloba in giving answers to the questions raised in the first memo.

The IEBC might also be ordered to produce all minutes of meetings held between 1st September and right up to the 26th October elections.

Akombe’s resignation is also making waves at the Supreme Court as a further concrete evidence of the fraud and illegalities that were happening at the commission.

Lawyers are also demanding for logs from KIEMS kits used in October 26th elections to scrutinize among other things, voter turn out, and the number of votes cast.

This case is proving to be tougher for IEBC and Uhuru Kenyatta to sail through.

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