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Uhuru’s PR Company Cambridge Analytica and IEBC Shared The Same Servers

Cambridge Analytica (CA), the company aced with a huge scandal on their roles in manipulation of data for political campaigns may have gone a notch higher in ensuring the elections Uhuru Kenyatta wanted displayed by the IEBC were the ‘right’ ones.

CA mined millions of Facebook users private information and targeted them with ads specific to their paymasters. For Kenya, they ran a series of propaganda videos and blogs that were meant to cast an apocalyptic shadow of a scary country should Raila be elected president.

But that does not seem to be the end of it.

From what we knew, the IEBC contracted Safaricom to securely transmit results from the KITs on site to their servers (in Europe as alleged at the Supreme Court.)

Turns out the IEBC had two servers, a proxy server where the fake results were relayed from. As such, authenticated results never made their way back and as investigations into the work of CA unfold, the truth is now seeping out.

The screenshots below have been investigated by Internet slueths who reveal the same server that the IEBC used to relay official results for both the August and October polls were also shared by CA.

Considering that CA was hired by Uhuru Kenyatta, this information proves a serious ethical breach of contract and electoral laws of Kenya which further reveal the elections were stage managed by the firm.

This company not only flooded Kenyans with misinformation about Raila Odinga, it appears they were also behind the false results that were streamed and used to declare victory for Uhuru Kenyatta in both August and October elections.


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