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US Embassy accused of undermining democracy in Kenya

The US Embassy activities in kenya are under increasing scrunity following emerging allegations that it’s clandestine operations led to capitulation of leading opposition figure Raila Odinga to the ruling Jubilee party in Kenya.

In a case of classic CIA operations manual, the US Ambassador Godec who served as a CIA station chief in Africa before his posting to Kenya is being figured for destabilizing the opposition to prop up president Uhuru Kenyatta whose legitimacy is in doubt following a botched election in October 2017.

Raila’s recent capitulation is being seen in the wider scheme to kill opposition despite the constitution declaring that Kenya is a multiparty state.

As Kenyans debate what could have prompted the defection of Raila to Jubilee, emerging evidence is that the US and EU played a crucial final push in undermining the NASA electoral justice agenda.

Other than sponsoring religious, business and elders organisations to call for cessation of hostilities and engage in dialogue, these western led by Codec openly asked NASA opposition to recognize Uhuru as president .

The countries quietly imposed a visa travel bans on Raila, his family and close associates to force their pro-Uhuru agenda.

Domestically many Raila associates could not travel out of Kenya while those in civil society were denied lucrative funding.

The Jubilee regime also applied further stranglehold by cancelling any contracts Raila cronies such as lawyers had with government departments.

But what broke the camel’s back is alleged CIA disinformation. While the three principals were pro-dialogue Raila remained adamant.

“We must forment crises so that we are strong when we dialogue with Uhuru”, he said to have insisted hence his slipping away from colleagues for the mock swearing-in at Uhuru Park.

Meanwhile the US Embassy kept urging the three NASA principals to prevail on Raila to abandon confrontation and accept dialogue. Thus practically meant NASA recognize Uhuru as president.

What both Raila and his colleagues didn’t know is they are guinea pigs in a larger geopolitical plot by the West to reclaim a foothold they have lost to China in Africa.

The US embasssy in Nairobi therefore unleashed disinformation to get Raila to succumb. Credible sources close to Raila disclosed that he is discovering too late that he was duped into prematurely meeting Uhuru.

“A high ranking US embassy official with links to CIA misled Raila that Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Wetang’ula were about to meet Uhuru at his exclusion. That is how Baba made the rushed about turn unarmed with any legally binding proposals. He ended up getting concessions that courts had already granted and promises about financial help. We feel betrayed that he has dropped the justice agenda in exchange for personal comfort,” said a disrought ODM MP who confessed “we are putting on brave faces in public for just show to save Baba from shame.”

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