Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s storm is not yet done as he has found himself in more serious trouble, this time, learning from his patron and grabbing two plots belonging to a widow.

Following an investigation and subsequent recommendation by the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) uncovered that a prime property belonging to Ms Cecilia Mbugua was fraudulently transferred to Ms Esther Nyatu through the office of the governor and the governor himself.

CAJ Chairperson Florence Kajuju handed over title deeds to back to Ms Mbugua following an admission by Mr Waititu of his role in taking away the land worth Sh100 million.

The commission’s investigations revealed that two properties – Thika Municipality/BlockXI/877 and Thika Municipality/BlockXI/878 – belonging to Ms Mbugua, were transferred to Ms Nyatu, in a process facilitated by the governor.

The investigation followed a complaint filed with the commission on March 5.

Kiambu County land officials revealed that Mr Waititu facilitated the transfer and provided all the required documents.

According to the investigation, Ms Mbugua was summoned to the Governor’s office after frustrations from the previous County government in securing approvals to develop her properties.

At the office, she met Governor Waititu who in no mincing words demanded she surrenders two of her five plots to get approval to develop the remaining plots or have five plots she can never develop.

The Governor is said to have personally facilitated the transfer process to Ms Nyatu who ‘was not aware’ she was the proud owner of two grabbed plots.

“We will hand over our report to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. We are not allowed to prosecute. We follow our investigations and if we find a criminal element then we forward the same to the relevant offices,” Ms Kajuju said.

Should the DPP and DCI take up on the recommendations of the CAJ, Waititu will now be faced with another criminal case and more cases to answer on abuse of office.

The dawn for Waititu seems to be very evasive.



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