Githu Muigai resigned as Kenya’s Attorney General today and Uhuru Kenyatta confirmed to receiving his resignation. He has been replaced by Judge Paul Kihara Kariuki.

The appointment of Judge Kihara is already raising tensions and speculation. The first question that tops it all would be a phrase wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka is synonymous with. Your name betrays you.

At a time when Kenyans have seen well learned professionals defend electoral theft and murder in court, it needed a closer scrutiny for a figure that will in the very least bring a semblance of justice and inclusivity.

That aside, Githu Muigai had vehemently opposed the planned swearing in of President Odinga. He even promised to charge the President with treason.

Days after swearing in, Uhuru Kenyatta has made blunders of monumental proportions that have further suffered his quest for legitimacy to international levels.

The AG is supposed to be the legal adviser of the president yet he was caught flat footed in the aftermath of the swearing in.

Turns out the treason charges he promised Uhuru could not even survive a second in the air. The arrest of TJ Kajwang and Miguna Miguna was stupid, unplanned and illegal.

Both were released on a 50K bond when Jubilee expected the judges to order them to the hangman (stupid i know).

Miguna’s arrest was poorly played out, you don’t break into the house of a suspect whose charges cannot even stand in court. They could have waited for him somewhere.

Then the mistakes that happened that for once painted to the world with vivid clarity the true image of the despotic duo and their desperate and brutal usurp of our government.

Against 5 standing Court Orders an innocent Kenyans was moved around like a wanted terrorist and finally forcefully evicted from his country of birth for no valid reason. Actually no valid reason exists in Kenyan laws on deporting a citizen by birth or renouncing or denouncing a citizen by birth. It’s eternal.

Media houses were shut for days as punishment for broadcasting an illegal event so concluded by Uhuru Kenyatta and Fred Matiang’i, not the Courts, and the same folks behind the brutal crackdown of peaceful NASA demonstrations.

Do you get the picture? While Uhuru throughout the two elections nightmare created a false ceiling of a government that is observing the laws, that burble sort of burst out. And since all these events are related, you imagine how much outside of the law Githu Muigai has allowed Uhuru to operate.

Uhuru Kenyatta’s need for legitimacy as he has now so lately learned does not stem from faked digits on fancy screens or what the diplomats say. It is how the government and all her arms function and all that is measured against the constitution and the laws of Kenya.

From when they rejected legal advise (assuming Githu offered some) to involve international bodies in Chris Musando murder investigation, to the illegalities committed by the IEBC and the police, all the way to Miguna’s deportation, all these are crimes that tell of a cartel desperate at all means possible to remain in power, not a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The very sacred words of the constitution.

Muigai’s resignation before attempting any form of arrest of charge or court proceeding against President Odinga is a testament of how beat the regime is. Legally, Raila Odinga is the president of Kenya. He won the August elections. That’s the Kenyan law.



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