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How Cambridge Analytica Was Used In Uhuru Campaigns To Manipulate Voters


Remember Uhuru’s wife campaigning? – Well Cambridge Analytica (CA) wanted her to create ’emotional manipulation’ to ensure high turn out of Jubilee voters.

Remember heavy presence of police in Nyanza – Well CA had profiled Luos as violent to sell the militia narrative. They hired gangs to disrupt NASA rallies to create the impression of a violent group/

Remember Ruto’s wife praying and Uhuru being in church all the time? Well they know Kenya is very religious and the plan was to highly publicize such events because churches are assumed to be credible so Uhuru being in Church was automatic win.

Remember all those Jubilee online bloggers with zero matter between their ears? Well CA plan was to have as many Jubilee bloggers as NASA’s on both Twitter and Facebook to flood the social media sites with propaganda.

All these is revealed in a leaked memo from the data mining company.


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