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How CJ Maraga Duped Jubilee After The Hearing


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter the hearing was over, CJ Maraga took his team to unknown place. He immediately took their phones and his and switched them off. He then called all the judges to make a general ruling before he gave each one an opportunity to write their own rulings.

After voting, the two dissent voices of Njoki Ndung’u and Jackton Ojwang retreated to their own rooms to write individual rulings. Ndung’u had write hers in advance.

The phones were confiscated till yesterday 4pm when they managed to access their phones. Njoki Ndung’u then called her JP bosses to inform them of the majority’s decision.

Immediately JP heard of the sad news, they started calling and giving big offers to the other judges in a bid to alter their general decision. Lenaola, Wanjala, Mwilu and Maraga stood their grounds. They stood with the truth.

After realising that begging the judges won’t work, the JP team from Muhoro’s killer squad came up with an evil plan. They traced one of Maraga’s 23yr old son and kidnapped him at gunpoint. They wanted to use him to change Maraga’s decision. They used him to call his father and they told Maraga that if he does not rule as they wished, they would kill his son. Shockingly, Maraga was not swayed by the trick. He told them to kill his son but his stand and other judges was final. He won’t subvert justice because of the evil’s plans. He stood his ground and neither did he betray his colleagues.

Due to leakage by Njoki Ndung’u and Jackton Ojwang to the government NIS and JP honchos that triggered Maraga to force them(Ojwang and Njoki) to read their rulings in public so as to show the public the traitors in his team!

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