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How The Raila – Uhuru Handshake Was Made To Happen


Kenya’s economy has reached a dead end. For the IMF, the WB and the West to bail Kenya out, Uhuru was compelled by the West to meet Rao and agree on a unified front for Kenya. Serious issues have been discussed including elections in 12 months. The Western Nations have seen the actual results in the Aug 8 elections server and are now sure Uhuru lost, so he must share power with NASA or hold fresh elections.

Uhuru was adamant he wasn’t ready for any coalition Government but at the same time his administration was stuck broke. The government required liquid cash to keep it afloat and the only option was floating treasury bills in Western Markets.

China had already indicated and pointed their policy of funding infrastructural projects not giving out liquid cash.The Administration was panicky and the only option was agree to western terms before being allowed to float treasury bills.

Being cornered he gave in.

Raila Odinga on the other hand was clear the country must conduct fresh elections within 9 months as condition of meeting Mr.Kenyatta And that all families whose members were killed must be compensated.

Western Nations reminded Mr Odinga he cannot oust Uhuru and Ruto in power for the two represents communities that controls all sectors of the economy and the only way out is to work with one of the two.
Raila has always extended olive branch to Ruto and his overtures have always been met with ridicule. Raila is also keen not to leave his support base split and divided.

On the angle the Kikuyu aristocrats where Kenyatta belongs are worried on their hegemony, for DP Ruto is seen To be keen on looting his way to the top.He also doesn’t seem to care much if economy collapses.

Mr.Odinga was prevailed upon to work with Mr Kenyatta.

The remaining issues to be ironed are whether we shall have two presidents.
Administrative President and Devolution and Planning President or we go for fresh elections.

In that regard will a team be appointed to work on implementing the agreements that will usher in New electoral reforms, compensating the victims and other reforms that will bring people together as one.

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