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IEBC Submits River Road Documents To Supreme Court


The IEBC is faced with an embarrassing moment after most of the documents submitted to the Supreme Court in defense of the results they used to declare Uhuru president fail to meet minimum security threshold as stipulated in their own contract with Al Ghurair.

Documents seen by NASA legal team headed by Snr Lawyer James Orengo revealed that the documents the IEBC had submitted had barcodes that pointed to international hotels and strange entities instead of the constituency numbers as required by law.

To help curb electoral fraud, Al Ghurair was required print each ballot and each Form with unique security features that can place that paper at the exact polling station or constituency in case of a dispute in court. That way, ballot papers that have been allocated to a polling Station in Western will be invalid if found to have voted in Mombasa as an example.

The security features are embedded in graphics and barcodes on the papers which when scanned should give the details of which polling station the paper of Form was generated at. But since those codes cannot be replicated (you would need to have all the exact original forms to duplicate), the ones submitted to the Supreme Court fail to meet the basic security features for authentic documents.

The original forms with the original results were discarded by the IEBC so that they could fake their own Forms to use to justify the results displayed on the portal.

The IEBC has since denied those results claiming they were mere statistics. 

In place of the portal results, they offered the Supreme Court the ‘original’ Forms 34A and 34B, said forms whch are now found to have been locally and fraudulently printed to be used to rig the elections.

The Pre-trial is scheduled to begin today at 7pm.

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