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Kenyan People Know Who Their President Is – President Odinga Tells Envoys

President  Raila Odinga has criticized Western envoys over remarks that he should accept Uhuru Kenyatta as the legitimate President of Kenya.

Earlier, 11 envoys led by US ambassador Robert Godec asked President Odinga to accept Uhuru and William Ruto as the legitimate President and Deputy President.

“The Opposition needs to accept this as the basis for the dialogue that it and many Kenyans want,” Godec said in a statement signed by the 11 on February 11.

But President Odinga said Kenya is independent and does not need the advise of envoys. He was speaking on Sunday when he visited residents of Kijiji in Lang’ata where a fire broke out a week ago.

“We want to tell them that Kenya is an independent country and they can only be observers… we know their positions,” he said.

“They can not come out here and tell us about democracy… we do not need advice from Godec and British High commissioner.”

Noting that Kenyans can deal with their own issues, President Odinga said they will not accept any interference and hypocrisy from the envoys.

“…we are independent and we will deal with our matters as Kenyans… Maneno wanaosema ni tupu yote. Wanataka tuiingie kwa mitego (What they are saying is baseless, they want us to enter into traps),” he said.

President Odinga  said the envoys are only interested in bringing back colonialism in Kenya something that they will not allow.

Hao mabalozi waache unafiki…wacheni kuingilia vitu za Kenya kwa njia ya ukoloni… hatuwezi kubalia ukoloni,” he said.

This loosely translates to…”Those envoys are hypocrites, stop interfering with our business in a colonial way, we will not accept to be colonised again”.

President Odinga insisted that the envoys were more interested with doing business in Kenya rather than focusing on more important matters.

Godec had said earlier that they admire the determination and creativity of the Kenyan people, “the energy and innovation of Kenyan business”

Wanasema wanataka kufanya biashara. Haja yao ni kuona vile wanaweza fanya biashara na kunyakuwa na kupeleka kwao. Hawana haja ya kufanya democrasia,” Raila added.

(They say  they want to do business. Their aim is to strike business deals with Kenya then loot to their country. They don’t care about democracy)

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