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Moses Kuria Paid 70k For Fake Jimmy Wanjigi Obituary Ad On Daily Nation

Unconfirmed reports into investigations following a Daily Nation obituary ad featuring the photo of renown billionaire businessman Jimmy Wanjigi indicate that Gatundu Member of Parliament paid for the ad.

According to the reports, it cost him a whooping 70,000Kshs for the quarter page ad which had a dubious story with an eerie resemblance to the life and family of Jimmy Wanjigi.

While the story had different names, they were stupidly disguised to be as close a resemblance to Jimmy Wanjigi as possible.

The similarities were so close that with the photo, many people forgot to read the names and started calling family members in panic. Jimmy Wanjigi says his children who study abroad were the most affected as friends started calling them thinking their father was no more.

Wanjigi has promised to meet the Daily Nation in court over the matter.

But speculation and reports were rife regarding the nature, content and context of the ad. Even Jimmy Wanjigi admitted it to being a veiled death threat from the status quo and Jubilee especially with the closeness with which Wanjigi is seen with President Raila.

Ever since the failed police raid at his home where HE President Raila Odinga personally visited and spent the night, Wanjigi has been seen closely by President Odinga’s side ever seen, a thorn in Jubilee.

Most recently, Wanjigi was at the swearing in on the 30th and with President Raila in court following up on the release of NRM General Miguna Miguna.

The Mungiki seems to be greatly shaken to issue a daring threat on the Daily Nation.


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