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NASA MPs will skip debate on Uhuru’s Cabinet nominees

NASA will stay away from the House on Tuesday afternoon when MPs are expected to debate and adopt the report on the vetting of Cabinet Secretary nominees.

Minority Whip and Suna East MP Junet Mohamed told the Star on Monday that the opposition will not be party to Jubilee affairs in Parliament.

“Issues of approving some nominees to work in the executive, those are Jubilee agenda and we will not be party to them. Approval of CS nominees is not part of our agenda,” he told the Star on phone.

Before the House went on recess in December last year, NASA did not nominate representatives to sit in the Committee on Appointments which vetted the nominees.

The Committee is chaired by National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi and has automatic members of the opposition including the Minority Leader and the Deputy Minority Leader.

Minority Leader John Mbadi said the opposition could not nominate members to the crucial committee “because they do not recognize President Uhuru”.

“As you are aware and is clearly spelt out in standing order 204(1), the only responsibility of the committee on appointment is to consider for approval by the House, appointments under Article 152(2) of the constitution,” he said.

“This requirement presupposes and anticipates the naming of cabinet secretaries by the appointing authority. In view of the above, I wish to remind you that the office of the appointing authority for cabinet secretaries is vacant hence no need to constitute the Committee on Appointments,” he added.

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