Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This has been a saying synonymous with the fury of women when it comes to betrayal, especially one romantically or intimately involved with.

Well, in our context, Billionaire Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi is the scorned woman, well not really a woman but in a few, you will get the context.

In his 2013 campaigns, Uhuru Kenyatta enacted the help of Wanjigi especially resources with reports indicating that the amount was at least 50 billion.

After ascending to power, whatever business policies they had committed to with Wanjigi were reneged by the Uhuru administration and Jimmy was thrown out to the cold.

Jimmy decided to back Raila Odinga and with him the same policies for economic development that Uhuru Kenyatta rejected.

Jimmy is reported to have helped the NASA technical committee in drafting the agenda for President Raila Odinga and the NASA government.

Trouble for Uhuru is that such a high and insanely rich Kikuyu supporting President Odinga stood against everything his Jubilee party has for years investing in teaching.

The fact that President Odinga is sorrounded by highly intelligent and successful members of the Kikuyu community who are putting their lives at risk in defense of the enigma puts Uhuru in a tight spot on the kind of war he can wage.

In December, fire arms were planted at properties belonging to Jimmy Wanjigi at the coast before a foiled search of his Muthaiga property by the police.

He has been sued and his passport illegally revoked. The Courts even issued orders against the arrest of the businessman on trumped up charges.

But all these seem not to push him back. Aside from NASA technical lead David Ndii, Jimmy Wanjigi was the other high profile Kikuyu at the swearing in of NASA leader President Raila Odinga.

Following the hugely attended National function, the police arrested and illegally detained NRM General Miguna Miguna on fake charges. Wanjigi was also seen with President Odinga at the courts waiting for the release of the General.

Miguna was later to be illegally deported from Kenya.

Just this week, a fake ad appeared in the Daily Nation obituaries portraying his image in what has been concluded as a veiled death threat.

In response, Wanjigi speaking to the press said that the Uhuru regime is ending very very soon and that the more than 300 Kenyans killed by the police since August will find justice.

Within NASA, Uhuru Kenyatta has two big mountains he cannot fight in the open. HE President Raila Odinga and Jimmy Wanjigi.

Uhuru Kenyatta is fighting two people he has both greatly betrayed and robbed.

Raila Odinga has been robbed of the presidency now the third time with state resources. Jimmy Wanjigi has been betrayed and robbed billions of shillings by Uhuru Kenyatta.

At the end, there are two parties, the robbers and those seeking to reclaim their legal right. This fight, now in the open makes for a very intriguing battle.

President Odinga has promised a new election in August and Jimmy Wanjigi has promised a new dawn is coming very very soon.

Uhuru is a scared man making a lot of mistakes.

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