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People Are Withdrawing Their ‘Fanship’ With PLO Lumumba with This Trending Divorce


[dropcap]I [/dropcap]have today withdrawn my spiritual, moral, professional and academic respect for one PLO Lumumba. The eloquent, dark skinned, slim, moderate in height man wearing a black rob with measured foot steps has been carrying on as a virgin man from all earthly evils, a man of integrity, principally unshakeable, highly entrenched values with no questionable moral grounds or immoral grounds for that matter.

This man has been airlifted to many venues, local and international preaching a holier than though attitude on impunity, governance and corruption in Africa. This man, who many Kenyans view as a scholar and the bible paul’s of today has been lecturing us on the need to stand against impunity as I quote him “when impunity becomes the law (normal), then resistance becomes a moral duty”.

This man Lumumba appeared at the Kenya supreme court last night, cutting a look of a man who money has pushed out of his moral grounds to represent Chebukati – Kenya’s most worst face of impunity. Is there a man in Kenya who should be in jail other than Chebukati today? Chebukati belongs to Kamiti maximum prison where he should be preferably castrated. He announced presidential results before completion of verification of forms 34A and Bs with the system (only approximately 29,000 had arrived at Bomas), gave us a system that continued to count presidential results long after results were announced, announced presidential results based on that system categorically stating that they have verified the data, only to change positions a few days ago and turns around to say those were mere statistics.

Did NASA not ask IEBC to pull down the bullshit that was running on our TV screens but they insisted they were true results. Is this a man that one PLO should appear for in a landmark case of this nature. We have finally known who and what you represent and please take your lectures to your village in yimbo.

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