President Kenyatta did not hire chopper for ‘Prophet’ Owuor – State House

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“Let me go, the President of the Republic of Kenya has sent me a helicopter.”

Those were the words uttered by controversial, self-proclaimed ‘Prophet’ David Owuor to an ecstatic audience outside a popular hotel at the end of his three-day prayer crusade in Nakuru on January 1, 2019.

State House has denied sending any chopper to the false prophet and denied any alleged meeting between President Uhuru and David Owuor.

Speaking to Citizen Digital on phone on Sunday, State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena said nothing of that sort happened.

“I am not aware of any such meeting (between President Kenyatta and Owuor). And none (chopper) was sent out,” said Ms. Dena.

Confirming Ms. Dena’s statement, Pro Flight Limited proprietor Captain Neepe stated that the said helicopter was hired by an individual who contacted his company via social media, which he added was not the case as with government contracts.

Captain Neepe further stated that whoever chartered the chopper paid in cash, which, again, is not the government’s preferred mode of payment.

“I have done a lot of business with State House before. They always send us an LSO (Local Service Order) and they pay after a while… and you can actually see on the bank account that it is from State House. We have never dealt with them in cash,” said the proprietor.

“It’s only individuals that we emphasize on cash because we don’t know them, but government bodies or parastatals we accept LSO because it is binding.”

He further added: “This one was not State House. With State House normally there are protocols, we get requests from procurement. In this case it was just an individual who called two to three days prior and paid.”

The false bubble around David Owuor is being pealed back .

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