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President Odinga Reveals Plot To Grab Langata Land

President Raila Odinga today revealed that there was a plot to grab Lang’ata land where a fire broke out last week.

The fire at Kijiji area left four people dead and more than 6,000 homeless.

“Hii ilikuwa ni njama. Kunawahusika kwasababu wanataka kunyakuwa hii ardhi  na tunajua walipanga hii njama na wengine,” Raila said. (this was a plot to grab the land, and we know they want to grab this land. )

President Raila said Kenya is well aware of land grabbers and cannot accept people to be thrown into the cold.

He donated 1,000 iron sheets, 400 mattresses and 400 blankets to the victims.

The President was accompanied by MPs Oscar Omoke, George Aladwa, Simba Arati, Anthony Oluoch and TJ Kajwang.

President Odinga reminded that when he was an MP he built good homes in Kibera to allow people to stay in good places but noted that Jubilee was not keen on development.

“Hakuna maendeleo Jubilee wataleta hapa hata wakikaa pale kwa miaka mia moja hakuna kitu watafanya…Ufisadi ndio jina ingine ya Jubilee” he said. (Jubilee will not deliver any development even if they remain in power for 100 years. Corruption is their other name.)

President Odinga also reminded the people how William Ruto grabbed land next to Wilson airport.

In 2016, the NLC investigated how the Weston Hotel, owned by Ruto, acquired a land next to Wilson Airport claimed by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

The five-star, 120-bed hotel is built on land where strategic equipment for air navigation is located. After a long silence, DP Ruto admitted owning the hotel on December 31 last year.

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