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Raila Odinga Says Popular Revolution Around The Corner To Remove Uhuru


Raila Odinga has said that the opposition will use “other way” to end electoral injustice if Jubilee doesn’t want to dialogue.

“We are ready for dialogue but if Jubilee are not ready we will use the other way to bring the end to electoral injustice in the country,” Raila said on Saturday.

Raila said Nasa and Jubilee must sit down and talk to formulate a way that will deliver the country from the current political stalemate.

He said Uhuru Kenyatta should agree that the country is going through a very serious political crisis that does not need chest thumbing but a well-structured dialogue.

He was addressing locals in Ugunya during the burial service of David Orengo who was the uncle to Senator James Orengo.

“People will like to talk about project Kenya and self-determination but the strength of the country will depend on how the government is structured by ensuring that the people’s will is respected,” Raila said.

Raila said the state of the country is pegged on how Nasa and Jubilee will solve the electoral injustice regardless of who is perceived to be in power.

“We cannot have a country where police are being used to execute all kind of atrocity instead of protecting citizens and property,” Raila said.

He said Kenyans must have the sovereign power to resist a situation where every political period elections are manipulated to fit a section of one community.

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