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I would rather be a cleaner in President Raila’s Government Than CS In Uhuru’s – Edwin Sifuna

NASA lead lawyer Edwin Sifuna has set the record straight on his job options. According to the lawyer, he would gladly accept a sweeper’s position in President Odinga’s government than be the head of cabinet in Uhuru Kenyatta’s.

Sifuna is appearing live on NASA’s Opinion 2018 where among other issues, Sifuna is discussing President Odinga’s planned cabinet.

According to the lawyer, high level negotiations are going on to have many youths take up senior positions in President Odinga’s office.

It is expected that the president will call out his cabinet appointments sometime this week.

Apart from sweeping, Sifuna is eyeing the legal affairs office in President Odinga’s government.

Sifuna has been on the news a lot recently defending the constitution and rule of law. Among other high profile lawyers, Sifuna was working to have Miguna released just recently.

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