Ruto Allies Ask Uhuru To Call For Elections Or Face Impeachment

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Allies of DP William Ruto in Jubilee Party yesterday came out strongly to comment on remarks by David Murathe on Ruto’s 2022 bid. They spoke moments after Murathe resigned from his position as the Jubilee Vice Chairman.

“I now find that it is no longer tenable to stay on as the party vice chairman, given that I will have to sit in the same National Executive Council with a man I am taking to court to block from running for president,”  he said.

Murathe has vowed to do anything to stop Ruto from succeeding Kenyatta. His stand has resulted in division in the ruling party but the President has not addressed the matter, although unconfirmed reports said yesterday President Kenyatta forced Murathe to quit, according to The Star.

In a rare attack on the President, outspoken Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri said if President Kenyatta is tired of leading the country he should call for elections.

“If Kenyatta is tired of leading this country he should immediately call for fresh elections so that we can end this political rumour-mongering,” he said.

The MP added that the Head of State should carry the cross of incitement during past campaigns for his derogatory remarks against National Super Alliance principal Raila Odinga.

“It is Kenyatta who started abusing Raila by calling him a drunkard and a mad person,” he said adding, “If the president has joined ODM, please let him defect and go to ODM.”

Raila and Uhuru entered a truce on March 9, 2018 when they shook hands after the disputed elections of 2017. They have since then been working together for national unity and development. There is even word that Raila’s allies could be included in Cabinet.

According to the cited MOU, Uhuru was to run for two presidential terms and thereafter support Ruto’s two presidential terms. Based on this, Ruto and his allies offered support to Jubilee with the thought that State House keys would be handed over to them.

It appears the narrative has extensively changed and their have been numerous signs that the understanding would not be honored.

Without the full support of Jubilee, and once, if Uhuru would indeed not be supporting Ruto’s presidential bid and instead, say support another candidate, Ruto’s chances at the ballot are naught.

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