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Ruto Orders Eviction Of Squatters In His Newly Gifted Land In Taita


Early this morning, squatters allegedly living on what is now William Ruto’s land in Taita Taveta have been unceremoniously evicted and their structures destroyed.

As earlier reported, Governor Granton Samboja illegally allocated at least 100 acres of land from the controversial mineral rich Kishushe area in Wundanyi.

The land comes complete with sufficient piped water supply and electricity connection and seems the hustler is preparing to start developing the land.

The residents are said to have been woken at night by the roaring engines of excavators that had come to haul them from a place they have learnt to call home.

Taita Taveta is among the many regions in Kenya with huge scandals and corruption as far as land allocation is concerned.

Under the new Constitution, the government ought to have read and implemented the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission’s Report (TJRC) which among many things addresses allocation of land to residents in sorting historical land grabbing injustices.

Seems Jubilee is bent on making the injustices a present day reality.

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