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After State House Meeting Catholic Bishops Offer To Mediate Conflict On New Elections


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]atholic Bishops have said they are disappointed in both sides of the political divide.

They were disappointed in the move by NASA to boycott the elections on 17 October if their ultimatums are not met.

Similarly they are concerned that Jubilee leaders are acting as spokespersons of the IEBC therefore compromising the independence and authority of the electoral institution.

They urged leaders to use dialogue as a tool of sorting issues rather than utterances that could raise political temperatures.

They said that students should be allowed to finish their academic year with less interference.

The Bishops asked Kenyans to respect institutions especially in times of dispute.

They were speaking after a meeting yesterday at State House.

Curiously, they did not speak of the police killings after the elections. They did not address the Supreme Court ruling. They did not admonish Uhuru, Ruto and the entire Jubilee party for the torrent of attacks targeted at the Supreme Court judges.

Does not leave a lot to understand how and why they speak.


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