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Uhuru Cannot Win In A Rerun – Here Is Why


Yesterday Friday 1st September, the Supreme Court delivered a historic ruling of 4-2 in nullifying the presidential elections and ordering new polls in 60 days.

The petition was filed by NASA with Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka being the petitioners against the IEBC, IEBC Chairman Chebukati and Uhuru Kenyatta.

Supreme Court judges that the polls were not conducted properly and cited massive irregularities that tampered with the final results thus calling Uhuru’s election null and void.

This opens up room for a second election in 60 days something that NASA was well prepared for. Firstly, there was no way Raila would have been given a straight victory in a first round win.

Independent tallies show Raila actually did win the last elections but circumstances that had been setup way before in 2013 were in place to block Raila election.

This materialized days to elections with murders and shoddy deals within the IEBC that saw results turn to provisional, then statistics and finally data in Court.

But now that we are headed for a re-run, these stumbling blocks are out of the way and here is why Uhuru cannot win.

  1. Uhuru’s win was pegged around rigging. We saw in Court that nearly all Forms 34A, 34B and 34C which Uhuru has were forged. To achieve this, a compliant printing company had to be sort, dead voters had to be left in the registry and extra ballots had to be printed. All mistakes that are now in public. It is expected more thorough vigilance in this process prior to the vote
  2. The Supreme Court ruling sets precedence for elections. It’s not just a voting exercise but a constitutional process. This means there is a more stringent legal implication for the results in 60 days, something that Uhuru cannot taint.
  3. There is no Msando to kill and fact that Raila chose the Court room vindicates him of instigating violence. 60 days is too short a time to effectively re-plan how to hack the commission when this was found out and become solid evidence for the nullification of the results.
  4. Prior to the elections, Uhuru was so sure of his plan that he traversed the country daring them to not vote for him. He now has 60 days to go back to them and come up with better lies. Considering his arrogance, Uhuru cannot get any votes in Western and Kisii to start with – not after insulting the Chief Justice.
  5. With computer generated results, all he could get was 54%. Raila had already won the first time round. The Supreme Court ruling is more likely to increase the number of votes Raila gets than Uhuru. Many people doubted the democracy of Kenya some openly refusing to vote claiming after all, Uhuru will steal. This ruling will turn many hearts to once again pursue true democracy.
  6. Uhuru is a worried man. The Supreme Court ruling has affected his entire plan of government with NASA lawyers taking up pro-bono cases to fight against computer generated victories. This would reduce the number of people who will openly campaign for Uhuru. Actually, very few ‘elected’ Jubilee politicians will risk campaigning for Uhuru when that could expose them to being ‘questioned’ about their own victory.

Raila’s ascension to power was never going to be easy. It first had to start with the Supreme Court.

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