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Uhuru, Chebukati Panic After Muite Says Original Forms 34A and 34B Are In Nairobi


There was drama yesterday at the Supreme Court after lawyer representing the IEBC Senior Counsel Paul Muite admitted that original forms 34A and 34B are in Nairobi and can be made available.

This statement was contrary to the assertions by other Senior Counsels for the respondents who claimed that the time it would take to bring all the 40,883 Form 34As and 290 Form 34Bs would so long that it would not allow for the completion of the petition on time.

“We are going to demonstrate to this court, to the Kenyan people, that their sovereign will was exercised as evidenced by Forms 34A and Forms 34B, provided that the examination is going to be supervised by this honorable Court. We will make the originals available.They are here in Nairobi.” Senior Counsel Paul Muite for IEBC


Uhuru panics after Muite says original Form 34A and 34B are in Nairobi. That is why they called for a recess – to restrategize

Posted by Raila Odinga for President on Saturday, August 26, 2017

Uhuru immediately texted his lead lawyer Senior Counsel Ngatia who requested for a 10 minute recess to discuss their ‘defense’.

This was during the hearing on whether the Supreme Court should grant Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoke (1st and 2nd Petitioners) access to the IEBC server and the original Forms.

Orengo in his submission claimed the forms submitted to the courts were not valid as they lacked requisite security features which are a requirement of law.

Problem is the IEBC has 3 results.

  1.  The official results showing Raila Odinga won.
  2. The Portal cooked results that they now call statistics
  3. The faked Form 34As and 34Bs that are being defended by them showing Uhuru won

Bigger problem is that non of these results match, though ideally at least two should match. The portal results should match the results on ORIGINAL forms. The IEBC’s original forms do not match the numbers on the faked forms nor the portal.

Should the Court rule that the IEBC presents original Forms and orders access to their servers, their goose is cooked and baked warm. Straight out nullification without wasting time.

This is why the lawyers for the IEBC, Chebukati and Uhuru are synonymous on one thing. The are begging the court to deny access to those servers and rely only on the submitted Forms.

Hearing resumes at 3pm today.

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