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When Will The Theft Stop? Donald Asks As More Maize Is Imported While Farmers Turned Away


When will the theft stop?

That seems to b the question in everyone’s mind  in the face of scandals that run to the tens of billions amidst perennial water and food shortages entwined with high costs of living.

Two days ago, hundreds of maize farmers in the North Rift were turned away with their produce by the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB), with the agency saying its silos are full.

The farmers now are now counting massive losses just months after the country faced an acute shortage of maize as  importers rushed in to make a killing with cheap maize imports.

This happened barely two weeks after the government allocated Kshs. 3.8B for Emergency Famine Fund.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir took to twitter to vent his frustration at the state of affairs and the obvious scandalous corruption that would rather kill farmers and enrich politicians who have invested in importing maize.

It stands to say the relief fund allocation was looted and the silos are filled with imported maize to ensure their profits remain in check.

The price of maize flour is expected to shoot to Sh 120 at minimum even as maize from farmers is turned back.

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