2019 To be An Even Tougher Year For Ruto – Will Jubilee Survive The Shaking?

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Since March 9th 2018, the historic day that conceived a new definition to the term handshake, Deputy President William Ruto has been a man under siege.

Many have indicated that the handshake is a realignment of the dynasties to continue wielding control of the government beyond 2022 and events after the handshake have been nothing but proof of such a plot.

The Jubilee alliance has always been an alliance between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto. This alliance was originally born out of their indictment to face charges at The International Criminal Court.

What was later revealed to have been extensive Political Consultancies and PR gave them the campaign message that seemed to have resonated across many voters – if we leave aside allegations of rigging in the 2013 elections, allegations that then Opposition chief Raila Odinga claimed to have solid evidence that was rejected by the Supreme Court.

In 2017, the same consultancies and PR rode another albeit controversial victory that was endorsed by the handshake.

With the first presidential election being nullified by the Supreme Court and the second marking less than half the registered voters, Raila Odinga’s swearing at Uhuru Park was a message that the ‘sham elections’ would not hold.

Right upto that moment, the future of Ruto’s political aspirations to be the next President were ripe and at their brightest. Having worked with the president for their first time and possibly had been part of the orchestrated IEBC mess that declared them victors twice, Ruto knew his contribution to the success of the party was solid.

But to the dynasties, this was a looming threat, bigger than one they would face with a Raila Odinga presidency. It became very prudent that a way is found to tame DP Ruto and reduce his ambitions to naught.

The handshake seemed to have been the perfect tool or excuse to allow the government silently wage a war against Ruto and his allies. An unrelenting war that has so far caused great dent to the war chest Ruto was to bring to the 2022 contest.

In 2018, this were the blows dealt to Ruto.

Jubilee as a party stopped referring to Ruto as the successor of Uhuru Kenyatta and have since stated that the presidential candidate for 2022 is up to debate.

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju in no mincing of words told Kenyans that DP Ruto is not their automatic 2022 candidate.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has since stopped refering to Ruto as ‘brother’ a title that has since been transferred to Raila Odinga. In one rally, Uhuru actually referred to Ruto as ‘ule jamaa wa kutangatanga’.

The fight against corruption and impunity as relentless as it has been has only targeted the general direction of Ruto’s camp, with Uhuru promising an even more targeted attack for 2019.

Taj Mall, a building associated with Ruto was finally demolished to pave way for the construction of the interchange on Outering road.

Many heads of parastatals, many of whom are associated with the DP have been put aside pending court cases and investigations by the DCI, DPP and EACC on allegations of corruption and abuse of office. The president has promised the new year would feature more asset seizures to finance government projects.

Raila Odinga and his allies, the team that would have been fighting it out with Ruto in 2022 as was the initial plan, have been government top government appointments. Raila himself earned a top AU job on Infrastructure Development across Africa.

Uhuru, Raila and their allies have made trips to retired president Moi in what has been seen as a realignment of the dynasties. This realignment has indicated a possible alliance between Moi, Kenyatta, Odinga, Mudavadi, Kalonzo for the 2022 polls.

And now in December, the split in Jubilee seems to be widening as Waiguru led team calls for elections for the party officials while Murathe led team strongly opposes any elections

All these happened in record 9 months.

It will be interesting to find out Ruto’s fate in the new year.

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